Branding, Print, Social Media
Client: Walkow
Year: 2019

Photos: Stella Mesic

Walkow is a bar and cultural center with a long history of supporting the local bands, artists, culture, and anyone who didn’t fit in. Being the only alternative bar in the small city of Vinkovci, Walkow was considered a “second home” for many of their regular guests, and a place of so many amazing memories.

After being shut down for one last time a few years ago, three friends decided to reopen the bar in 2019 and turn it back into a place that would offer a variety of events from art shows, poetry night, live music, comedy to casual game nights and happy hours.

I was hired to design the new logo, social media materials, and various print materials for their events. Completed logo was inspired by the colorful new interior, and elements of the Walkow’s old logo.